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Here Are the Colors You’ll Want to Add to Your Closet This Summer

Summer is all about bright and fun colors! That’s one thing I always look forward to when the weather gets warming. Everything from fun dresses and statement shoes to skirts that turn heads. There is always a way to add bright colors to your wardrobe.

I’ve been falling in love with so many different colors recently. Some expected like yellow, lavender, and light blue. And some very unexpected like olive and vibrant orange. And for my closet that’s a lot of blues, pinks, blacks and whites, I honestly need a little color variety.

Recently, I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate new colors into my wardrobe. Or even mixing them into combinations I wouldn’t have normally thought of. For a season that’s all about being fun, of course you have get a little crazy and try something new!

Since I’ ll be spending the summer buying the rainbow, here are ten colors your’ll want to add to your summer closet.

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Now here’s something unexpected. I don’t have a ton of orange in my closet right now but starting this summer, I think I’ll be getting more.

The first item I bought was a pair of wedges (worn above) and I love how bright they are! They stand out in any outfit and just at a bit of fun.

Orange is such a great color when you want to go for a vivid pop. Whether that be something as major as a midi dress or as minor as a pair of shoes.

And with a variety of shades ranging from a dark ginger to a bright tangerine to a laid back cantaloupe, there is certainly an orange for every outfit.

All I know for sure, is that once you buy once, you may want to buy it all!

Shop More Vivid Orange:

Green is my favorite color although I don’t wear it nearly enough. The beauty of this color right now is that so many shades of it are on trend! Everything from bright neon green to more subtle shades of sage and everything in between.

Right now I’m personally loving the darker, more natural shades like olive and sage. Maybe that has to do with my current obsession with plants.

Either way this color commonly found in nature can be as natural or unnatural of a shade and still be on trend. You’re definitely going to want to stock up on a lot of green! Trying pairing two different shades together for a play on a monochromatic look.

Shop More Various Greens:

I mean, the title says it all. BOLD.

Red has always had a bold reputation and that’s not stopping any time soon. Despite how loud the color can be, it’s a classic. This summer is no exception.

But this color can also be worn sweeter with feminine features like ruffles and polka dots and take that boldness to a more romantic side.

Whether you want to be bold on date night, going out dancing, or to just be seen while out on a Saturday. Red is the color you want to go with.

Shop More Bold Red:

There’s a reason that purple was seen as the color of royalty. Look how rich it is! And this season’s shade leans towards the lighter side. Think lavender and wisteria! I am absolutely loving it!

This rich color heading towards lavender is perfect for summer days in the sun.Honestly, I can’t get enough of this pretty color. There’s something about it that draws you towards it.

This is a great alternative to a typical romantic shade like pink. But is also just a great color for a casual wrap dress or tank top for every day wear.

I’ll be right back, I’ve got to buy anything and everything in this shade right now! 

Shop More Lush Purple:

Yellow is definitely having a moment right now. While it seems like darker shades like marigold are what reigns supreme, I’m feeling the lighter shades really deserve some of the spotlight.

At the beginning of the season, I had bought a yellow overall dress that was like lemonade in dress form. The light yellow was just so pretty for summer that I couldn’t resists getting obsessed.

There’s just something about yellow; you can’t be mad wearing it. So stock your closet with this world-brightening hue and you’ll always be close to your next sunny day.

Shop More Pastel Yellow:

One of the more unexpected colors on this list but here me out.

How often do you find yourself wearing the same neutrals? Black, white, and tan reigning supreme in your closet. Enter a new challenger; brown wants to be your new neutral.

This is a color that’s usually reserved for your leather sandals, leather jackets, leather skirts, you get it. None of those pieces have to go but consider a brown dress that can be dressed up with colorful accessories. Or a pair of brown shorts that makes your striped tee really pop.

With pretty, food inspired shades of brown, the possibilities of a new neutral are pretty much endless.

Shop Coffee, Toffee, & Brown Butter


Alright, blue is a given but this season we’re thinking blues that remind us of water. Lakes, bays, and oceans. The shores that hold some of the best memories reflected in these shades of blue.

My closet has a huge blue section so buying anything else that’s blue has to be really special. Now that the weather’s warm and I want to spend all my time at the beach, I focusing my all my blues on pretty water colors.

Deep sea blues, fresh lake blue, coves, inlets, and gulfs. The blue possibilities are as expansive as ocean on a clear day.

Shop More Down By The Bay Blue:


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    Such a great post! I am loving all the pastel shades, of course – yellow, blue, lilac – but I also really love the green! So pretty!


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