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Chapter Fifteen Travels: Hilton Head, SC

Featured Photo Outfit Details: Swimsuit • Hat Visit Now: The best times to visit are in the late spring and summer. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In the spring, the island is much less crowded so there’s hardly a wait for restaurants and attractions and very little traffic. However, that’s considered the offseason, so some restaurants aren’t open, making the options a little limited. The summer has the opposite problems, everything is open, but since  ...

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Spring Stripes

Guys! It looks like spring weather might actually be sticking around! Okay, hopefully, I didn’t just jinx this and buy us ten inches of April snow. But the temperature has warmed up and the sun is staying out. Maybe I forced the warm weather by wearing all the cute spring dresses. Like  ...

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Jord Watches

I’m always looking out for cute, new accessories. So much of my day is spent pursuing websites for details to add to my outfit. While I change my earrings or bracelets or necklaces with each outfit, a watch is something I’ll wear all day, every day. So now I’m beyond excited  ...

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