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My Everyday Makeup

Shop My Makeup Tray: When I was in middle school, a friend bought me, for my birthday, an Urban Decay eyeshadow, color: Toasted. That has been my go color for years. I’m talking since the day I got it to about three weeks ago. Seriously. Honestly, I love the color. It’s goldish (my fave) while still being kind of neutral. It goes with practically every outfit I’ve worn. But recently, I’ve been trying to mix up my look, use new colors, spice it up as some say.  ...

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Health and Beauty, lifestyle

Let’s Haul: Sephora (and $800 Giftcard Giveaway)

For so many years, I’ve been wearing the same color eyeshadow and doing the same routine with my makeup. Recently, I’ve started playing around with it a little more, trying new colors and combination, using new products, and experimenting. Sephora is having a major sale for their beauty insiders so if your makeup needs a bit of a refresh, now is the time to do it. And wouldn’t an $800 giftcard help so much? I’ve got a haul of products I would get from the Sephora  ...

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Chapter Fifteen Travels: Hilton Head, SC

Featured Photo Outfit Details: Swimsuit • Hat Visit Now: The best times to visit are in the late spring and summer. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In the spring, the island is much less crowded so there’s hardly a wait for restaurants and attractions and very little traffic. However, that’s considered the offseason, so some restaurants aren’t open, making the options a little limited. The summer has the opposite problems, everything is open, but since  ...

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A Special Post for Alpha Delta Pi Founders’ Day

On May 15, 1851, Alpha Delta Pi sorority was founded in Macon, Georgia. I’ll spare you all the facts I had to learn as an Alpha member. Four years in this sorority made my college experience like no other. I’ll be honest, I didn’t love every single moment. Some days, I’d rather be in bed than at chapter or watching Netflix instead of at a mandatory event. But more often than not, I loved my time in ADPi. I wasn’t even going to go through recruitment but I got  ...

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Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day! The day we celebrate all the moms and grandmas and aunts and mother figures in our lives. I, for one, am always having trouble trying to find something for mothers day gifts. It’s hard to find something that they don’t have or something they really want or need. Every time I ask, the answer I always get is along the lines of “Whatever you get me, I’ll love.” Well, that doesn’t help at all. So that’s why I’ve rounded up nine  ...

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Why You Should Run Straight Into Fear

    I have been afraid a lot lately. I was afraid to board a plane (I love flying, but the thought equally amazes and scares me). I was afraid to go to the conference. I was afraid of making real moves to realizing my dream. Why? It is what I want; it is what I wanted since I was, I don’t know, fourteen or fifteen years old. I have also been very comfortable. I moved home to be with my family; my old bedroom is how I like it, I’m spending time with my dog (she’s  ...

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Your Path is Okay

  I had my life figured out. Get my B.A. in psychology, graduate. Get my masters, graduate. Get my Ph.D., graduate. Move to Boston, work as a clinical psychologist on the psych ward floor at Mass Gen. Meet a doctor in the lunch line of the cafeteria, get married, move to the suburbs, that whole American dream. That was my path. None of that happened. I did graduate with B.A. in psychology but I decided not to go for my masters or Ph.D. I moved back home to Pittsburgh and not to Boston.  ...

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