Smile Brilliant ClariPro ToothBrush Review and Giveaway

Are you ready to find your next favorite toothbrush? Because I’ve found mine. I’m always open to a new, great toothbrush that will take my smile to the next level. The cariPRO electric toothbrush from Smile Brilliant has totally changed the dental hygiene game.

I had been looking for a new electric toothbrush. The last one I had, I loved, but the brush head was too hard to change when the time came to replace it. In fact, I never was able to remove it, so I just went back to a manual one. What seemed like a minor issue ultimately got in the way of using the product. But the ease of use is just one thing I love about the cariPRO. Funny enough, that was the first thing I checked when I took the toothbrush out of the package. How easy it was to remove and reattach the brush head was the first pro on the long list of positives.

The toothbrush I used before this was a regular, manual toothbrush. It got the job done, but it was nothing spectacular. One night when I was brushing my teeth, one of the bristles detached and got wedged in between two teeth. I had to pull it out with a pair of tweezers and immediately started looking for a new toothbrush.

I started off the week with my new cariPro toothbrush and I was instantly impressed. The brush head was able to reach all the corners and in between my teeth. It left my mouth feeling fresh and my teeth deep clean.

The toothbrush is also rechargeable, which is a plus I didn’t even know I was looking for. I’m always looking for ways to benefit the environment and being aware of the trash I put out is one of them. One thing, in particular, I’m trying to work on is using less one-time-use batteries and moving towards ones that are rechargeable. That makes this toothbrush so much more environmentally friendly than replacing batteries each month.

The cariPro comes with a recharging station that conveniently charges fully within 24 hours and can be used for approximately 30 pre-timed cycles. The charging port is quick and easy and doubles as a stand to let the toothbrush dry and to charge when it’s not in use.

What really set this brush apart from others was the two-minute timer. Sure, other brushes have the two-minute timer to keep you brushing that recommended time. But what’s different about this timer is that it has little pauses every thirty seconds to tell you to move to a different area of your mouth. With this feature, you’ll evenly brush each quadrant to ensure your entire mouth benefits.


And this toothbrush doesn’t just vibrate on one setting; it has five different settings, each with a unique vibration pattern. CLEAN is used for your typical daily routine. WHITE is a powerful cleaning mode to remove stains, polish, and deep clean. MASSAGE is great for gentle gum stimulation and GUM CARE should be used to clean along the gum line; both of these are best paired with another cleaning mode. The last is SENSITIVE for teeth and gums that may find the other modes too aggressive.

With each use, I typically combine two of the modes. In the mornings, I like to use WHITE and then GUM CARE so that my teeth are in the best smiling condition for the day. At night, I use CLEAN and MASSAGE to remove all the food and drink from the day and to give my gums some extra care at the end of the day.

Since using this toothbrush, I’ve really seen a difference in the quality of my teeth and my gums. I love that each of the vibration patterns gives specific care and attention to all aspects of my dental hygiene care. My mouth feels fresher and cleaner. The enamel feels healthy, which keeps my teeth healthy and white. My smile has always been one of my favorite features, and now I feel like I have a toothbrush that really takes care of it.

Convinced? Want a cariPro of your own? You’re in luck. Smile Brilliant gifted me one, and now we’ve partnered to gift one to you! You’ll get a cariPro toothbrush with its own charging stand and two brush heads. All you have to do is enter your name and email, and you’ll have a chance to win. Enter the giveaway here!

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