Chapter Fifteen

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The Process

Your Novel Year Update

Yesterday, I had my first meeting with my mentor to discuss the first chapters of my current project. I haven’t been writing much these last couple of days since I’ve been preparing for a visit from my friends from out of town and because I’ve been feeling kind of stuck writing this book. But my discussion with my mentor helped give me the boost that I needed to continue.

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Being Young and a Dreamer

When I daydream about where I want to go in life, it starts with my writing. My first dream is that I want to publish a book. I want to publish a book and see my name in print and walk into Barnes and Nobel and see my book on the shelf. I want to feel pride and relief that I actually did it. I want my book to make it to the New York Times best-selling list and I want to save the little blurb about it. I want to go on Ellen or maybe The Talk and I want the studio audience to go home with a  ...

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Post-Graduation Plans

So I’m a just about a month away from graduation. If we’re being specific (and I have been) it’s 37 days away.  That’s five weeks away. That’s thirteen days of classes away. I won’t lie, as excited as I’ve been for graduation this entire year, I’m a little nervous. School is all I’ve known my entire life. And I know there’s so much more life to live outside of school but there’s something about the routine of it that’s  ...

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