Chapter Fifteen

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What I Wish I Knew My First Year of College

Against all odds, I survived college. I graduated this past May with a BA in psychology, a minor in creative writing, a box of trinkets, and a lot of memories. Freshmen year was the start of an incredible journey that led me to friends I never knew I needed in my life, some useful useless information I’d need in my life, and learning some things about myself that changed my life. Mushy and cliche as it sounds, as I watch my younger friends get ready to go back to school, part of me  ...

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Congrats, Grad!: Graduation Dresses

I can’t believe that I’m graduating from college. As cliche as it sounds, freshmen year doesn’t feel that long ago. And neither does sophomore or junior year. Four years has gone by so quickly and my head is still spinning from all the stress and fun and memories. As strange as it is to be graduating, it’s an exciting time for me and everyone else who’s about to walk across the stage—both high school and college. These are some of my favorite white dresses  ...

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Pomp and Circumstance and Stuff Like That

I’m still kind of in shock that graduation is at the end of this week. I’m kind of surprised to what with all the times I said I was going to drop out the last four years. But it’s actually happening in just a couple of days. The last four years have been filled with equal amounts of manic laughter and stress-induced tears. I’ve both called this place home and wished I was back home. Despite my complex relationship with college, I hold all the memories I made and all  ...

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A Slice of Paris

Cue Paris by the Chainsmokers, this outfit makes me feel like I’m about to walk around the Louvre and use my four semesters of French to my advantage. While I was out playing tourist in my own hometown, we stopped by this museum for an hour break from taking pictures. It wasn’t the Louvre and I didn’t have to speak French, but it was just as exciting as I imagine Paris to be. I’ve been trying to find a way to style this top I bought last month. It didn’t go  ...

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Chapter Fifteen Picks, style

The Best Shorts Ever in Existance

This isn’t an exaggeration. These shorts are amazing. They’re the most comfortable shorts I’ve ever owned. Every time I go away, I take these shorts. When the weather gets warm, I put on these shorts. Seriously. They’re life changing. I bought mine at American Apparel but they’re available all over the internet. I’ve linked a couple places here, here, here, and here! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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New Adventure: National Cherry Blossom Festival

This past weekend, a group of friends and I drove up to Washington D.C. for the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival. The Cherry Blossom Festival has so many events that a weekend is hardly enough time to devote to every activity. There is an annual parade, fireworks, and celebrations of United State’s relationship with Japan. You can also walk around the National Mall and the rest of the monuments and look at all the beautiful blossoming trees. You can also rent boats and paddle  ...

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Post-Graduation Plans

So I’m a just about a month away from graduation. If we’re being specific (and I have been) it’s 37 days away.  That’s five weeks away. That’s thirteen days of classes away. I won’t lie, as excited as I’ve been for graduation this entire year, I’m a little nervous. School is all I’ve known my entire life. And I know there’s so much more life to live outside of school but there’s something about the routine of it that’s  ...

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The Last Sorority Formal

Last night, I experienced one of my “last” memories of college: spring formal. My sorority calls it Black Diamond Ball and it was in a renovated barn with a Great Gatsby theme. Formal has always been one of my favorite events and has given me of my best memories of college. And this year was no different. For this formal, my roommates and I decided to have people over to hang out before formal. Our friends came to our apartment, we laughed, had some drinks, took pictures and  ...

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