Chapter Fifteen

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Mid-Winter Tropics

It’s officially the middle of winter! There was snow all through the holidays and New Years that’s lingering on the ground. Temperatures are beginning to drop to the negative side. The wind it making it bitterly cold outside. And I am in denial. A loverĀ of warm weather still, I’m trying to bring the tropics to the middle of winter with this brightly printed crane blouse. Despite how cute this outfit is, it’s only half working to change the weather.

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Fresh and Green: Instagram Outfit Roundup

  I spent the week working on my soon-to-be office, which involved clearing out a bunch of old papers and furniture from a space that was a spare room in the house. We had an old computer that didn’t even work anymore and a bunch of old tests from when I was in elementary school (I had some serious problems with spelling). As a treat and kind of as a spur of the moment, I went to Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday (blog post to come on that). That’s my week, and  ...

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