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Moto Transitional

Spring is officially here but winter seems to be lingering. Pittsburgh is currently under a couple inches of snow, which hopefully won’t last long. But even with the promise of sunnier weather and longer days, there can still be a chill in the air. That’s what makes this look so perfect for transitioning and even gives a little bit of an edge. It’s time to give these dark colors their last days now that pastels are about to reign supreme. But until there’s a string  ...

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Style Roundup: 5 Sunny Yellow Looks

When the weather warms up, the trees start to bloom with flowers and fruit. And sitting on the porch with a cold glass of lemonade seems like the idea day to just about anyone. This look is perfect for a warm, casual day of spring. The lemon print is so bright and cheerful after these short, gray, winter days and easy to be mixed and matched with a variety looks. Since lemon print is everywhere from blouses to dresses, no wonder it’s one of the most fun looks this spring. Shop Comfy  ...

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Why You Should Run Straight Into Fear

    I have been afraid a lot lately. I was afraid to board a plane (I love flying, but the thought equally amazes and scares me). I was afraid to go to the conference. I was afraid of making real moves to realizing my dream. Why? It is what I want; it is what I wanted since I was, I don’t know, fourteen or fifteen years old. I have also been very comfortable. I moved home to be with my family; my old bedroom is how I like it, I’m spending time with my dog (she’s  ...

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Modern Prep School Chic

It’s been a pretty chill week, which is good because next week seems like it might be a tad hectic. I’ve been putting together my room slowly piece by piece. My second dresser came in the mail and I spent an entire day building. I’ve got almost every bit of clothing put away. Finally, I have bedside tables and table lamps, from Target of course, which was something I was lacking since I started the redesign. Now I’m looking at some smaller, more decorative items like  ...

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