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We’re so close to the official start of spring. So what am I shopping for? Accessories that brighten up my wardrobe, dresses that let my arms see sunlight, and open-toed shoes after months of boots. Honestly I can’t wait for more consistent warm, sunny days. Because these sneak peeks here and there are creating a craving only spring can solve. Plus, cuter clothes, shoes, and accessories are right around the corner. So, Mother Nature, let’s get these last weeks of winter out of the system. I’ve got some cute clothes in my cart that I’m itching to wear.

I mean, overalls has to be on this list. They get me. They always get me. They’re just so cute and versatile and can become a cornerstone within your wardrobe. Jumpers are amazing for the spring because they allow for cool weather layering. Trade in the long-sleeves and sweaters for light blouses and patterned tanks.

Perfect for the first warm spring day, this overall mini dress is begging to see the sunlight. Got a picnic planned? A farmers’ market to attend? A street fair to explore? This is the dress for all those activities! Fun activities in a cute dress are the kinds of days I’m looking forward to.

How I would wear this dress: an off the shoulder top in a fun and bright print to transition easily into spring. Add a cute pair of sneakers and even an adorable pair of socks to top off the look.

These earrings are so fun! They make me want to try all kinds of cute ponytails just to show them off. This pop of pink can peek out from behind your hair or take center stage. With the bright pink color and eclectic hoop design, these earrings are the newest statement accessory your jewelry box has been waiting for.

These kind of remind me of neon signs. The bright colors and wire outline that create the hoops gives off that vibe. I kind of want to find a nightclub that’s glowing with pinks and purples just to continue the aesthetic.

I seriously spent some time searching for the neon sign that matches these earrings. Tell me you don’t want to get this lamp and take a million pictures next to it wearing these earrings. And now I’m convinced the only way these can get any cuter is by having them actually glow.

This is how to wear them: Hair up in a sleek ponytail to really show this pair off. Dress it with a halter-neck top and leather skirt and a pair of black comfy wedges. Suddenly, these earrings become the feature in a look for a cute night out.

I am all about this cute, little transitional dress. A-line and colored a tanned blush. Suede to keep a warm on cool days and spaghetti straps for the hot ones. This dress is perfect for any and every spring day.

For all your spring-themed dates, this dress would be perfect. It’s sweet and romantic but still casual enough to not be over the top. Layer it with a pretty lace blouse for dinner and a movie and pair it with block heels to finish off the look.

Also perfect for more casual events like a Saturday brunch. Throw this on and put your hair in some loose waves. Accessorize with some dainty jewelry and platform sandals and you’re ready for bottomless mimosas and sweet Belgian waffles.

And even if you don’t have anywhere to wear this dress to, it’s still such a good buy. It can easily become a staple in your closet. A cute cornerstone of which outfits can be built from. The simplicity makes it perfect alone or in a completely styled-out outfit. And allows it to transform to fit just about every style. It’s a wardrobe must-have!

How I’d wear this dress: A light denim jacket to make this a convertible look. Easy look with maximum cuteness.

I’m going to be really honest here, I have these shoes in a brown suede. I got them last year and I wore them pretty much nonstop. But these rose-colored shinny patented versions got me. I am obsessed.

I’ve had my eyes on these shoes since I saw them in store. Trying to decide whether I want—or need—two pairs of the same shoe with just variation in color. Do I need them? Honestly no, life will go on. But do I want them? Oh, yes. I’ve gone back to check to see if they’re still in stock almost daily, so safe to say, I’m thinking a second pair is worth it.

I really do love this shoe for spring and summer though. The pair that I have are such a statement piece with any outfit I wear them with. I think the 70s vibe adds a little flare to a look that otherwise might be flat.

Surprisingly, they were comfortable. I was prepared to be annoyed at the wood and how hard it would be against my foot, but I wasn’t. They were easy to walk around in (I did like all day) and not nearly has rough as I thought wood shoes would be.

If you’re not completely obsessed with the rose like I am, these shoes also come in blue, red, brown, and black.

Hi cutest white denim skirt I’ve ever seen!

What do I even talk about first? The pleats? The A-line flare? The fraying fringe hem? Oh, it’s just all so cute on it’s own, but together? I am sold.

Finally start wearing warm weather whites with this cute skirt. This sweet mini can take just about any top and make it a feature of the look. A band tee like pictured here with a pair of Vans, an off the shoulder gingham blouse and espadrille sandals, a tank body suit tucked in and block peep toes. The possibilities are endless with a skirt this cute.

Sweet little warm weather outfits are made with this skirt in mind. Whether your day is like lunch and shopping or a day party outside enjoying the sun.

I’m already thinking of all the ways I would wear this skirt. How would I exactly? I’d make it a sweet boho outfit with a flowy, off the shoulder blouse in a cute floral print. Add a scrunchie to put my hair up in a ponytail,  statement hoops, and  a pair of platform sandals finish off the look.


Right now I am so into hair scarves! They are the cutest and easiest accessory for spring. Put your hair up in a quick ponytail and finish it off with a hair scarf to give it a finished look.

All through the cold weather, we’ve been hiding our hair under hats. Cute beanies and adorable berets, sure, but hiding nonetheless. I’m just as excited for warm weather hair styles as I am for warm weather clothes.

Playing with top knots, half up and half down, space buns, and pretty accessories to decorate them. And the accessory that I am most excited for are hair scarves. I mean, how could you not be obsessed with something this cute.

I love this particular scarf in the classic bandana print. This easily becomes a go-to hair style for any look. I’d wear this by doing my hair up Pinterest style. Beachy waves and fishtail braids with this scarf tying them together. With this scarf, I’d wear a simple white dress and heeled clogs for an easy day look.

I love this color (desert) but this pretty classic bandana scarf pony comes in a ton more colors including red and white, yellow, purple, and blue.

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