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Hey, Let’s Transition: 15 Dresses You’ll Want to Wear Into Spring

Spring is (hopefully) right around the corner. That’s what the groundhog said, at least. With snow melting and warmer weather on the way, it’s time to shed those heavy knit sweaters and thick, padded coats and trade them in for lighter, brighter, and colorful dresses.

While the weather is still a little cold but with a bright sun shining down, opt for lighter knits like this soft sweater dress. Cozy with long sleeves and a mock neck, this cute striped mini-dress is perfect for those cooler days. Pair it now, in the snow and colder weather with over the knee boots and a warm coat. But as it starts warming up into cooler days, booties and clogs would do the trick. Add a light jacket and this is the perfect early spring look.

When the cold gets replaced with warmer weather, pull out your flowy, flirty dresses in bright spring colors like peach and lavender. Wear rainbow stripes and bold polka dots. Grab the cute open-toed shoes you’ve been waiting to wear since the first snow.

Spring transition is all about taking the best from both seasons. A mix of cozy knits and light fabrics, over the knee boots one day and peep-toed booties the next. It’s jackets paired with flowy dresses and skirts. Long sleeved blouses with little mini skirts. Play around with materials and prints; mix neutrals and bright colors. Finally break out the florals you’ve been missing through the cold months. (I know, florals for spring are groundbreaking.)


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Here are fifteen dresses to wear from now into the first day of spring.

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When you’re itching to get into spring clothes but the weather is just not cooperating, this is when you start sneaking in spring trends to get Mother Nature to listen. Flowing silhouettes, floral prints in muted colors, long sleeves, and lightweight sweater dresses. Mother nature should get the hint. if you wear enough of them.

Perfect for layering, you can get the last bit of use out of your knits. Chunky sweaters thrown over top would be the perfect way to mix the two seasons.

All of these dresses would be perfect on days where the weather is thinking about being nice. All perfect to pair with boots, peep-toes, or cute tennis shoes. Throw on a a peacoat on cold days and a light jacket on warm ones, these dresses transition well between any weather.

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By soon, I mean, like, a couple weeks. Because the weather can be so finicky, this is where you really get to mix. Maxi dresses in bright floral prints. Sleek, long sleeves in vivid colors. And mini dresses that become spring staples. These dresses will be worn on repeat, guaranteed. 

These are perfect for sunny days after a week of unbearably cold weather. What clears away the gray sky blues better than fun prints?  From floral to snakeskin to classic polka dots, these prints will get you in the mood to start playing around with color after a few months of winter neutrals.

Paired with some wood-heeled clogs or platform sandals, the perfect almost-spring outfit is made. Not only that, these dresses will carry you right into warm weather and are perfect for upcoming vacations to the beach or road trips to explore a new city.

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For when spring is in full swing and the warm weather feels like it’s here to stay, these are the dresses to wear. Bright tropical prints, off the shoulder and spaghetti straps, colors that scream fun in the sun. These are the dresses you’ve been waiting to wear.

Let your skin soak up that sun you’ve been missing since November. With these dresses there’s no way you’d want to stay indoors. Wear your open-toed shoes without the thought of having to put them back. Toss those jackets into the back of your closet. These dresses are front and center all through the warm weather.

Gorgeous citrus and floral prints, ruffles to show off your flirty side, and colors that’ll brighten up your day. Embrace the warm weather in one of these too-cute-not-to-show-off dresses.

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