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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s a time to celebrate all the things we love. Friends, family, and significant others alike are the recipients of our love this holiday.

It’s a time for grand romantic gestures and letting people know how much they mean to us. Whether it’s dinner at the restaurant you’ve been wanting to try or a quiet night in with your favorite take out and some cheesy rom coms. Any way to celebrate the day of love is the right way.

My mom every year would buy me a stuffed animal and some candy. My family and I would exchange little gifts and I’d get my dog some of her favorite treats. With friends, we’d bake some cookies or brownies, get on the couch and watch a couple movies, just enjoying being around each other.

Not having a partner doesn’t mean you don’t get to celebrate. And not having a fancy dinner reservation does not mean you have nothing to wear anything to. Look cute for yourself!

That’s why, this year, I’m celebrating my love of dresses and picking out the best for whatever your Valentine’s Day plans are!

And however you celebrate Valentine’s day, know that you are loved. By your family, friends, significant other, and by me! ❤︎

Somewhere at a nice restaurant, with candle lighting and good wine, you’ll be wearing one of these gorgeous, romantic dresses. The main facet of the holiday in one dress. With romantic colors like reds, pinks, and whites, and soft, sensual fabrics like lace, silk, and velvet, these dresses are the perfect outfit to step out in for a lovely, romantic dinner with your special someone.

What I love most are the colors of these dresses. The soft tones are so dreamy and understatedly stunning. With one of these dresses, you’re sure to be turning heads no matter where you spend a romantic evening.


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No boo, no problem. Even if you do have a special someone, but you just want to celebrate the love between you and your besties. Gather up your gal friends and get comfy, it’s every girl-group’s favorite day: Galentine’s Day.

Make some brownies, order in a pizza, and turn on a cheesy rom  com and enjoy the company of the ladies you love the most.

We’re all about comfort here on Galentine’s Day but you don’t have to sacrifice being cute. Dresses with the day’s color scheme still in mind, but flowy and loose so there’s more room for brownies and candy. Sounds like my kind of party.

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For when your plans are more ‘go with the flow’, here’s some casual and cute dresses for the day. Going out, staying in, grabbing a quick bite. With friends, your significant other, or family?

These easy dresses are perfect for any of those occasions. A lowkey celebration filled with love is perfect for one of these dresses.

We’ve still got a romantic color scheme but with a more flexible dress. Something for every one and every plan. The best part is, you could still dress these up with the right accessories so they fit almost any occasion. 

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Have a wonderful
Valentine’s Day
full of love!

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