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The middle of winter is all about staying warm. But just because the chill is in the air, doesn’t mean I’m giving up style. You’ll still see me rocking skirts and dresses and smiling like I don’t feel the cold. (I do, a little.) That means it’s time to grab that dress or that skirt and find a way to make it warm. And if there’s anyone who knows about making a dress warm in the dead of winter, it me. Here’s just a few ways you can layer your skirts and dresses.

The most classic way to layer: a cozy flannel under a sweater. Add a cute corduroy skirt and you’ve got an outfit that could last for ages.

You can’t go wrong with this combination, trust me. This look makes you look instantly put together no matter where you’re going. And it’s perfect for just about every occasion. Casual week days events like class and dinner or weekend adventuring like exploring local coffee and shops.

The best way to style this is with similar colors and minimal prints. I went with a more neutral color pallet for this look but used green to break it up so it didn’t feel so monotonous. This olive skirt ties the neutral camel and vivid green flannel together.

A plaid flannel isn’t your only option as you pop of color and pattern. Polka dots and floral would be just as great of a choice. Allow those prints to speak for themselves and pop against the plain prints of the sweater and skirt.

For finishing details, let the bottom of the shirt hang out from the sweater (a shorter or cropped sweater allows this to happen naturally). Fold the shirt cuffs over the sweater and push up the sleeves slightly for a casual, carefree touch.

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Sleek, minimal, and modern with this look. A form-fitting sweater dress and a printed blouse underneath.

This look is equal parts cozy and sleek perfect for going from day to night. You can wear this to all your day functions like the office by adding an oversized blazer with the sleeves pushed up right to dinner and drinks by taking the blazer off and adding your evening clutch.

Here’s how to style it: A simple long-sleeve sweater dress. Add a blouse in a similar color that has a stand out detail. This one is sheer with metallic gold polka dots. The sheer black helps the gold rings stand out.

The best sweater dress to choose is would be a thinner knit or ribbed material rather than a chunky or heavy knit. This allows for a more form-fitting look and for the sleeves to fold over easier. Similarly, a thin blouse without buttoned cuffs allow it to fold over the sweater without coming unbuttoned or unfolding.

Here’s an outfit you can really play with color. You can really mix and match here. A pop of color with camel dress with a pink blouse underneath or even something or all out rainbow with a purple blouse under a blue sweater dress. There’s so many ways to put your twist on this look.

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Pink and punk but only a little. Really it’s all in the boots.

I really adore this corduroy mini dress and it’s ability to take on layers. The little details like the zip front, go-go-like belt, and of course pockets, make this dress perfect on it’s own. But it being sleeveless allows it to layer in so many ways.

That’s where this oversized thermal comes in. Slouchy and off the shoulder makes this the perfect top to throw over a dress for a casual, effortless, not trying too hard to be punk look. This thermal comes in fifteen other colors, too, which means there’s so much room to play with your palette.

Now let’s talk about this dress. It’s literally made for layering. If you don’t want to go over, here’s how to go under. The dress is form-fitting, so something a little thinner would be best to wear it with. A ribbed turtleneck  or a graphic tee would do the trick. Honestly, the thermal would work too.

You can also play around with the zipper. Unzip it a couple inches and your could fit a thinly-knit sweater underneath. Unzip it a little and you can also show off the print of a graphic tee or blouse.


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The biggest French cliché revisited here in this look. Polka dots not stripes and a pompom on the beret so it’s not too on the nose. And while it does look like I’m walking out of my ‘appartement’ on the Seine. It’s not in Paris and I don’t live here.

But it does look like I’m heading out for a dressy-casual coffee date. This look would be so perfect for a casual day spent out on the town.

Taking a bold dress of polka dots and toning it down with a neutral color scheme. This tiered smock dress is a great staple for your closet.  The flare creates a silhouette that easy to play with. A tight top with a flared A-Line bottom. Layered with a coat that both tones down the polka dots and lets them poke through.

A double-breasted coat is a must for winter. Especially in a color as gorgeous as camel. This is your go-to outwear for the season. In a neutral color like camel, it goes with every possible outfit. Though the similar coat I linked comes in two other colors.

What I’d add to this outfit: an oversized, graphic sweatshirt for just one more layer on those really cold days. Then you’re ready to bundle up and be on your way.


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Racing on the go in this look. That’s because there’s a racing stripe on the side of this skirt. Makes more sense if you read the post, I guess.

Starting with a simple, knit sweater in everyone’s favorite closet basic: black. Long sleeves and knit to keep you warm but thin enough to throw a sweater on over it if it gets a little colder. Paired with the black tights and boots, the pop of color of the red really gets shown off.

I love this skirt because the gray, checkered plaid with the red racing stripe creates a neutral piece with a pop. That means all kinds of reds have the chance to be the stand out piece.

Now this cozy, chunky knit sweater is that perfect red piece. Of course you don’t have to walk around wearing it on your arms. In fact, you probably shouldn’t do that because people would probably find you strange.

However, wearing it normally would keep you warm but tying it around your waist would show off the layers. The second way is probably how I’d most likely wear it, allowing the red to pop out from the middle of the outfit while adding a bit of casual interest to the look.

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A little bold and kinda cold, this look features a sheer blouse underneath a plaid jumper dress. Maybe you aren’t going outside like this, but imagine taking off your coat and revealing an outfit this cute. How could I do a layering post without including a jumper dress?

Jumper dresses are super cute and a great building piece to have in your closet. They’re made for layering, so pretty much any top you put underneath will create a cute look.

I have so many jumper dresses in my wardrobe because they’re such an easy piece to play around with. This cute plaid jumper is the perfect cold weather dress to do that with. This is a navy/brown combo that allows it to pair well with the sheer black lace top. However, it also comes in a red/white combo.

Usually, under a jumper I would wear some kind of blouse or a sweater. But why not have a little fun and play it up with something a little different? Ruffles, sheer, lace, oh my. It adds a little detail that’ll stand out from the typical jumper look.

Plaid and lace isn’t a combination typically seen together. All the more reason to wear them in one outfit. Be bold, stand out, look cute.

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