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The temperatures are falling, which means the cozy season is upon us. Just because we have to get buddled up doesn’t mean our outfits can’t be cute! Arguably, they have to be cuter! I mean, come on. I’m not going to let a little cold stop me from dressing my best. I’ve got my coat open to show off my outfit because my skirt is too cute to be hidden behind some wool! My sweater has too cute of a knit not to be seen! And this flannel is cozy enough to combat the cold. So here are five ways to wear flannel, cute enough that you’re not going to want to cover it with a coat!

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The best way to get cozy for fall is layer up. Overall dresses are such a great way to show off your flannel and look cute while doing it. This flannel is oversized and perfect for cold, winter days. It’ll be so warm under this cute overall dress. Plus, winter white is a must have this season. Wear the dress with either both straps, or, for a 90s-eque look, one strap unhooked. Keep your legs warm with these cute metallic, star-print tights. Finish off the look with these distinct white Dr. Martens and your hair up in a high ponytail with this teddy scrunchie. How cute would this look be in a photo shoot in the snow?

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It’s not a Chapter Fifteen post without an outfit centered around a skirt. But come on, this skirt is too cute not to have in your winter wardrobe. Not only are the colors gorgeous, but this flannel skirt is soft and cozy. Basically the epitome of a perfect winter skirt. Bring out the purple of the skirt with this gorgeous purple sweater. That’s right, gray days doesn’t mean a dull wardrobe. These heeled Chelsea boots with the faux over-the-knee sock tights keep you warm and cute. And the wide brim hat will keep the snow off your face. Throw a black peacoat on and your outfit is finished.

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The classic oversized boyfriend flannel is the perfect winter basic. Easy to pair and easy to layer, this shirt is just what you need for practically every cozy, warm, cuddly look. This suede mini skirt is too cute with the slit and lends so well to both sweaters and flannels. I love this gorgeous olive color for the winter and it’ll pair so well with red, tan, blue, pretty much anything. It’s a non-neutral neutral. The heart printed tights add a bit of sweetness to this outfit and the sock booties add a bit of modern flare. Style this by tucking one side of this flannel into the skirt and letting the other side hang out. Throw this cozy teddy coat over and this chunky knit beanie on to finish the look.

Soft As A Teddy

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I love this flannel duster for the winter. This is the layering piece of the season! Over jeans, over a skirt, over a dress—the possibilities are endless! Wear it like a cardigan, buttoned up or opened. Tie it in the front or around your waist. It’s the piece that keeps on wearing. I would wear it over this little black turtleneck dress, open to reveal some dainty gold jewelry. The perfect red beret is great for a little French twist on the look. And these knee-high boots would be a perfect finishing touch. Hair tied in two loose braids and this cute bag over your shoulder, this outfit will make it look like you just hopped off a plane from Paris.

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Life’s too short and winter’s too long to only wear neutrals. Stand out in bubblegum pink in the middle of winter. This corduroy skirt is the prettiest color and paired with this pink and white flannel, it’s instant winter aesthetic. Layer this chunky knit sweater over the flannel and let the sleeves peek out and the shirt tails hang out the bottom. Just a bit of plaid is the perfect way to sneak the print in. I’ve had my eye on this exact pair of boots, like, five ever. And this is just one of the many outfits I would wear them with. I personally have this silk headband and it’s such a cute accessory when you want to easily dress your hair up. And these cute bauble hoop earrings are the perfect finishing statement. Here’s your cute casual look for the season!

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