Splurge v Save: Fall Mules


Mules are one of the best shoes to transition into fall with. They’re closed toed but not as enclosing as boots so they’re the perfect half-way shoe when the sandals just can’t be given up. There are so many cute mules out there that any fall look can be upgraded with a simple slip-on shoe. Of course, at all prices, there’s a mule for everyone. So should your splurge or should you save? You decide once you see the choices. Are the cute expensive ones worth the price? Is the bargain too good to resist? Is every single pair cute enough to put into a shopping bag right now? (The answer to that question is yes!) Shop the fall’s cutest mules and get ready to save or splurge or maybe both.


I’ve already said that stripes are one of the best trends for fall. Dresses, skirts, and pants, of course, look amazing in stripes. But shoes are one of the best ways to make a statement with any outfit. Jeans and a tee with a cozy knit cardigan or suede skirt and a chunky sweater tucked in, these mules are guaranteed to be the center of the outfit. It’s the best way to make your outfit pop if you’re looking for a more understated statement piece. Not to mention, the warm fall colors would fit right in with the fall leaves. Personally, I had to splurge on this set. The Willa Loafer Mules caught my eye as soon as I saw them in store. I all but gravitated toward them and kept coming back no matter how far I strayed. Needless to say, I’ll be wearing them all season.

Multi Woven Pointed Mules • Kopper Pointed MulesThe Willa Loafer Mules


Show a bit of your wild side! If there’s one trend that’s huge for fall, it’s animal print. Not only are the colors warm and perfect for the fall color scheme, but it’s a great way to spice up an otherwise neutral outfit. A little black dress would look perfect with an animal print belt and matching mules, plus a cozy cardi. Or dark jeans with a tee tucked in and a pair of animal print mules slipped on, and the outfit is cute and casual, perfect for a crisp autumn day. Out of these, I’d have to say the Moonshine Leather Mules are my favorite. I love that the print is large enough to really make a statement with any outfit. I also love the color tone of these: not super orange or yellow, it’s a really warm brown. I’ll be throwing them on with a black faux leather skirt and black cozy, knit sweater and heading out for a casual weekend.

Leopard Print Mule FlatsMoonshine Leather MulesBrie Flat Mule


If you want to add some texture, ruffles are a great choice. A little or a lot, ruffles are sure to make your shoes stand out from others. This is also a great time to play with color, find which one the ruffles look best in. Add the yellow pair to an outfit of a camel sweater and plaid skirt. The blue would look great with jeans, a tee, and a striped cardi. And the red would look fiery with a little black dress. Out of these three, which would I choose? Honestly, so hard to answer because they’re perfect in their own ways. But I’d have to say I’m loving this unique shade of blue to stand out amongst the fall colors.

Loxi MulePollina Ruffle MuleKaanas Palermo Ruffled Slides


The rule “no white after labor day” is so over. How could you possibly look at these shoes and think “I have to wait until next summer to wear them”? I can’t. Come on, they’re too cute to wait to wear. Wear them with dark clothes for contrast: dark wash jeans, a black jumpsuit, or a dark purple dress. The possibilities are endless when it comes to white mules. Catch me wearing a dark chambray dress and a hunter green field jacket with a pair of white mules and dainty silver accessories as accents. With these, I’m stuck between the Vegan Austin Flat and the Office Farrah White Flat Mules. I love the dipping detail of the latter; they’re so different from any of the other mules around that the splurge might be worth it!

Faux Leather Loafer MulesVegan Austin FlatOffice Farah White Flat Mules


Nothing as classic as a bow! Seriously, these are perfect for adding a bit of feminine flair to a look. Tied up all neat and tidy, these are perfect for finishing off a look. A denim skirt with a little flounce or jeans with fringe on the hem. Even something so classically fall as a flannel would look good paired up correctly. Burgundy plaid skirt and sweater combo, black tights and The Remi Bow Mule would create an updated school-inspired look. Out of the three of these, it’s so hard to choose because the colors are so equally gorgeous. Leaning towards the blush pink but only because it’s a color that always draws me in. This might become a major splurge.

Beth Bow MulesThe Remi Bow MuleCharlin Bow Mule

So it looks like I’ve got some expensive taste . . . Tell me something I don’t know.

But seriously, every single pair is too cute that I’d put them all in my online cart if I could. They each would make a perfect statement for any outfit all fall long. Not to mention they’re so many styles and prints that there’s basically a mule for every outfit. Whether it be stripes, animal print, ruffles, white, or bows; suede, leather, or embroidered; or how much they cover the foot: up to the ankle or just grazing the mid-point. The combinations are endless, so the perfect mule is out there. Now, all there’s left to do is find your perfect pair and style an outfit around them to rock all fall!

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