Style Roundup: 5 Ways to Rock (Vegan) Leather This Fall


Outfit Details: Shirt • Skirt • Hat • Shoes

Cooler weather means warmer clothes, which opens up closets to whole new fabrics like knits and suede and faux leather. Vegan leather is the perfect fall option. T-Shirt, chunky knit sweater, or blouse. Whatever faux leather is paired with, it makes for a stunning fall look. Check out how to wear vegan leather five different ways this fall and where to wear it to.

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Every fall, going apple picking is one of my favorite activities. It’s top on my fall bucket list always. I’ve spent last fall trying new recipes with apples as the main ingredient. Mmm, the apple doughnuts are my favorite. I can’t wait to make them! This outfit would be perfect for a crisp fall afternoon in an orchard. Cozied up in this sweater, over the knee boots to walk through the grass, hair tied up in a messy bun so you can see the best apples. And, of course, cute hoop earrings and a delicate statement necklace to add a little something extra. I’m already imagining the cute pictures with fresh apples and eating apple doughnuts until November.

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I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of haunted houses; I don’t like being scared on purpose. But if I were, I’d totally channel my inner goth and get witchy right back at the actors. I love this dark witch prep school kind of look. I imagine this is what they’d be wearing in some Victorian castle learning how to cast spells. Button up the collar all the way up the neck and push back your hair back with a thick headband, throw all your spell books into this cute knapsack and prepare to get back at any zombie who jumps out from a door frame and scares you.

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What’s the best part of summer? The leaves, obviously. Watching them turn, jumping in piles, taking cute pictures. Is there a more quintessential part of fall? This fun casual look is perfect for all thing leaves this autumn. These shorts are the color and the boots assure that no wayward crumbs will go home with you. Use this duster to stay warm and this cute abstract graphic tee to express just how you feel about your favorite season. Take all the pictures with color as the background and jump in the biggest leaf pile you can find. And take a cute picture while you’re at it.

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When I was in school, one of my favorite things my friends would do is Friendsgiving. We’d get together at someone’s apartment, put on a movie, eat a bunch of food, play Cards Against Humanity, drink wine, and gossip. Of course, there’ll be so many pictures, so you’re going to want to look cute. That’s where this adorable jumper comes into play. Loose enough to hide the food baby and the literal color of fall. These comfy loafers are perfect to slip on and go after baking some pumpkin pie cupcakes. Push your hair back to show off these clear resin hoops (and so you don’t get hair in your wine) and enjoy some friend time before the holidays!

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How classic is a hayride? And how perfect will these warm-toned clothes look in fall photos? Tuck this cute striped tee into the skirt and slip on these clogs for a day at the farm. Where we went every year, there was a pumpkin patch and a corn maze and, honestly, this outfit would look cute doing either. I love the bandana as a fun, unexpected accessory as the weather gets warmer. And I’ve been living in my chunky gold hoops. Throw this knapsack over your shoulder and have fun with friends in the perfect sunny but cool fall weather. Pose with pumpkins and in front of haybales to get that perfect fall photo. All the pumpkin spice-flavored likes!

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