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Not going to lie, my favorite place in the world is probably my bed. It’s always been my bed but it’s most definitely this bed. This whole process started when my grandma insisted that I needed a new bed. About five years ago. I kept saying I didn’t need a new one because I was going away to college, I’d be living in the dorms, and would only need a bed the weeks I was home for winter break, spring break, and summer. The next year, I moved into my sorority house and still didn’t need a bed but my grandma still said I needed a new one. Then I moved into my first apartment, which came fully furnished and still didn’t need a bed. More insistence still. Well, when I moved home after college to work on my book, my grandma got serious about buying me a new bed. Almost every day, she showed me pictures in catalogs of beds she thought I would like. And I knew that if I didn’t choose, a giant, wooden sleigh bed with six drawers for under-bed storage would show up on my doorstep. So I set out to find a bed I liked, which started a chain reaction of total room renovation. In the first part of my series on bedroom reno, here is the centerpiece—the bed—and how it came to be.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 5.38.46 PM

I love all the pillows on my bed. When it’s made like this, it just looks so put together. I had to play around and find the pillow combination that I liked. Originally, I didn’t have those fringy textured pillows and instead had crisp white flat pillows. I thought they were too large and the crisp white looked kind of harsh with the rest of the cream accents.

I also had to balance out the color. I tried different orders with the colors. Putting the solid in front of the floral and back again. I ended up with it like this because I like the way the plain blue frames the floral print.

I deiced to have hanging wall shelves to display some decorative objects. I think helps keep the bedside table decluttered with candles and little objects and plants that would otherwise go there.

Lastly, the wall mounted lights. These are the newest addition. Getting installed just two weeks ago. They were easy to mount and plugged into an outlet, which took away the need to wire hardware. It was quick enough that I had light in an hour. I originally couldn’t find any table lamps I loved or I thought would go with my decor, but with the wall shelves, I can’t imagine covering them up with a lamp. Plus these are adjustable! Both the head and arm can move to the desired position.

PS: The wall color is Valspar’s Baritone Blues in an eggshell finish. And my bedding is from Deny Designs.

Alright, this post makes me want to go cozy up in bed so I think I’ll do just that. Sweet dreams!

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