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Chapter Fifteen Travels: Hilton Head, SC

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Visit Now: The best times to visit are in the late spring and summer. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In the spring, the island is much less crowded so there’s hardly a wait for restaurants and attractions and very little traffic. However, that’s considered the offseason, so some restaurants aren’t open, making the options a little limited. The summer has the opposite problems, everything is open, but since it’s a popular travel destination, there are a lot more people. Meaning traffic, lines, and waits. You’ll have to figure what you’re willing to deal with.


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Stay Here:

We stayed at my friend’s family’s beach house only a couple minutes drive from the beach. For that full beach vacation feel, I definitely recommend renting out a house and luckily, there are so many options, any group will be able to find a place they like. Renting a house is a great idea for groups that might get a little too rowdy for a hotel, like my friends and I after we get laughing. Check out sites like VRBO for beach houses you can rent.


Eat This:

To me, one of the best parts of traveling is trying new places. On this trip, we ate half our meals in and the other half out. But here are the places I ate and loved:
Mello Mushroom • Honestly, such good pizza and so delicious after a long drive from Northern Virginia. AND they have one in D.C. and I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t swaying my moving decisions just a little bit.
The Salty Dog Cafe • I mean, duh, right? This place is so iconic, you can’t go down to Hilton Head and not eat here. It’s right on the water and the views are so beautiful. My friends and I tried alligator here for the first time and it wasn’t bad. Kind of tasted like chicken.
Skull Creek Boathouse • Also on the water with pretty views and huge outdoor seating, bar, and deck to enjoy it. We also enjoyed a pretty great happy hour deals and saw a glimpse into our future when a group of women with matching ‘girls’ week’ shirts asked us to take their picture.
Tubby’s Seafood River Street • Now this one’s in Savannah, Georgia, only about an hour away from Hilton Head and the perfect restaurant to have lunch at during a day trip. The upstairs patio has a great view of the river and the restaurant has yummy, fruity drinks perfect for summer.
Byrd Cookie Company • Also in Savannah but not a restaurant. This little storefront sells the best bite-sized cookies with loads of different flavors. I tried the Georgia peach and oh my gosh was it the best thing ever. I had to bring back a bunch of bags for my family. Best part? They ship their cookies anywhere!


Go Here:

The beach! Obviously! You’ve got to get your toes sandy if you’re in a place so tropical. But when you’re not listening to the waves crash, here are some places you might like.
Hilton Head Distillery • You can do a tour of the facility or just hang back and do a tasting. Their tasting menu has options so you can find what’s right for you. The cocktails they offer are unique and delicious, especially for the inexpensive price.
Island Winery • Right next door to the distillery, the winery offers an inexpensive tasting menu and a variety of delicious wines made with fresh fruit. I personally loved one that had honey in it. I bought a bottle to take home.
Savannah Georgia • Savannah could have its own post with so much to do there. But it’s also a great day trip if you want to get off the island and explore. The city is full of history, restaurants, and shopping. The best place to walk around is historic Savannah and the Riverwalk because of all the shops and sights to see.
Dress Up Boutique • You know when I’m not looking for restaurants, I’m looking for boutiques and this is one of the cutest. While you’re doing a day trip in Savannah, you’ve got to stop by here and once you go home and you’re hooked, they have a website you can order from. That’s my favorite kind of boutique.


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