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A Special Post for Alpha Delta Pi Founders’ Day

On May 15, 1851, Alpha Delta Pi sorority was founded in Macon, Georgia. I’ll spare you all the facts I had to learn as an Alpha member. Four years in this sorority made my college experience like no other. I’ll be honest, I didn’t love every single moment. Some days, I’d rather be in bed than at chapter or watching Netflix instead of at a mandatory event. But more often than not, I loved my time in ADPi. I wasn’t even going to go through recruitment but I got convinced by a friend on my freshman hall. And I’m so glad she convinced me because if she hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met this amazing group of girls I get to call my friends and I wouldn’t have gotten so involved and my experience at an out of state college definitely wouldn’t have been as great. It’s no secret that ADPi means a lot to me so I decided that on this founders’ day, I’m going to share 18 photos, 5 things ways ADPi changed me, and 1 thing I wish I did differently—1851.

  1. I’m way more outgoing
    I was pretty involved in high school but ADPi made me involved in a different way. Through the sorority, I was much more involved in the community both on and off campus and way more willing to try new things or something I would have never done before. (I played in a charity powderpuff football game. I didn’t really help the team in terms of skill, but, hey, I got out there!)


    Mallard Ball: an ADPi tradition where we wear camo and cowboy boots for our semi-formal. One of four times in my life that I have ever worn camo.


    My last recruitment with my Little. Funny little fact: I spray painted those wedges brown because I couldn’t find a pair that was one solid color.


    My fam at Black Diamond Ball, our annual spring formal. Behind me is my Big, right below me is my Little, and below her is her Little (my G-Little).


    My Big and me during her graduation photo shoot.


    My Little getting pied by my G-Little during of philanthropy barbecue. (The money went to Ronald McDonald House Charities)

  2. I volunteered A LOT more
    It was a requirement of the sorority to have a minimum of four service hours each semester. While it was a required, we were able to choose where we wanted to volunteer. That means everyone got to volunteer somewhere that fit best with us. Some people worked with Big Brothers, Big Sisters; some people worked in the local elementary schools, and others worked at the soup kitchen. I worked at the local children’s museum. Giving back was a cornerstone of Alpha Delta Pi.


    My God-Little (my friend’s little) and I on my 21st birthday


    Big-Little Reveal where my G-Littles got Littles (my GG-Littles)


    Me and my Little on Bid Day (the day where the girls find out what sorority they got into)


    My big and me at our charity barbecue after I fell off her back during a picture


    Some of my friends and I post grad celebrating a friend’s birthday

  3. I’m a lot more confident
    With ADPi being a social sorority, we socialized a lot. I learned that I could talk to anyone about anything (thank’s recruitment!). I could talk to potential new members about what they did in high school and why Greek Life was awesome and then to a frat guy about why the Steelers are the best team in the NFL (no arguments, it’s true!) Before that, the idea of talking to that many strangers in one week would have been something I shied away from.


    Me and my roommates of two years after a Sunday chapter


    One of my G-Littles and me at Mallard. Sidenote: the meatballs were good


    Popping champagne for graduation

  4. Leadership
    I was in leadership positions in high school, but the idea of holding an officer position with a group of 200+ girls was something I probably wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t spent some time in a sorority. I was the sisterhood chair the end of my junior year and beginning of senior year. Getting to plan events for the girls to enjoy was fun. I’m not a fan of public speaking, but almost every week, I stood up in our chapter meetings and announced what was going on. I think the leadership and confidence went hand in hand.


    Some of my favorite sisters visiting me in Pittsburgh


    My first time back to campus as a graduate for our chapter’s five year anniversary. This is my whole fam (minus one G-Little)


    My Little and I in one of my favorite pictures ever taken


    (Most) of my friend group during our last recruitment, aptly themed Friends. Also one of my favorite pictures ever taken.


    Graduation day with our mascot, Duke Dog

  5. Good study habits and hard, hard work
    We had to keep a minimum GPA of 2.6 every semester, but every sister strived to go beyond that. At the end of every semester, there would be so many sisters with honors like dean’s and president’s list (I made it one semester and that’s a feeling of accomplishment that’s nearly unmatched). Everyone wanted to do well in school and being around people who are that driven makes you driven too.


Overall, I had the best four years in my sorority and there’s very little that I would change. But what’s the one thing I could do differently? I would have gotten out there a little bit more. I love my friends so much but I wish I talked to more people. I met a lot of people—both guys and girls—outside of my sorority, but I wish I met more. I went to a lot of events, but I wish I went to more. I think it would have enhanced my experience to push myself just a bit more than I had. But, like I said, I loved being in ADPi and I wouldn’t trade the experience for the anything in the world.


Happy Founders’ Day
to all my fellow
Alpha Delta Pis! 💎

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  1. kristenshane

    May 16, 2018 at 9:45 am

    This is so sweet! And happy founder’s day 🙂 as sorority women, it’s so important to reflect on all the great ways we’ve grown!! I love your personal photos throughout this post too, such a sweet touch!

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