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IMG_1844.jpgI’m always looking out for cute, new accessories. So much of my day is spent pursuing websites for details to add to my outfit. While I change my earrings or bracelets or necklaces with each outfit, a watch is something I’ll wear all day, every day. So now I’m beyond excited to partner with Jord Watches!


In the mornings, when I get ready for the day, my watch is something I always slip on. In a weird way, it makes me feel in control of my day. Obviously, I always know what time it is, which helps my fear of being late. But when I look down at it in rushed situations I feel a little like an on-the-go businesswoman, which is just one of the many stories of myself that I made up that runs through my head.


If a watch can do all that—give some stunning details to an outfit, keep you punctual, fuel your ultimate-self scenarios—why not make that watch cute and unique like a wooden watch from Jord. The wood band is not only gorgeous but different. It’s sure to stand out amongst the leather and metal bands. With tons of modern styles, for both men and women, these watches will no doubt make a statement.


I choose the zebrawood and champagne from the Frankie series and I’m loving how it fits perfectly as a neutral piece in my accessory collection. It’s perfect to wear every day with just about every outfit. You can bet that I’ll be wearing this for a long time to come.


Check out their beautiful collection for men and women, and shop the watch in my pictures here.


Jord Watches are just so stunning that I want everyone to have one. So with I’m hosting a giveaway with Jord. One lucky person will get the chance to win a $100 gift code for Jord! Everyone who enters will receive a code worth 10% off once the contest is over.


Luxury Wooden Watch

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