Current Obsessions: Christmas Gifts 2017

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Embroidered Fringe ShirtCanon Rebel

Olympia Delux TypewriterSnow FallingSnow Falling

Honey of a Skirt • Tie Waist Sweater Dress (Sold Out)

Embroidered Fringe Shirt • I thought this was the cutest shirt when I saw it online. I sent it to my mom and hoped for the best. I kind of had a hunch that she was getting it for me when we were out Christmas shopping and she told me to sit on one of the benches while she went into Madewell. She also surprised me with two other shirts from Madewell so I didn’t know all my gifts.

Canon Rebel • I’ve been wanting a camera for a while now and my mom has been dancing around the idea of getting me one. When I opened this gift on Christmas, I actually screamed from happiness. I spent the next two days taking pictures of my family and dog. Now I can’t wait to start using it for pictures for the blog.

Olympia Delux Typewriter • For two years, I’ve been asking for a typewriter. My uncle knows a ton of places and people to get antiques. I thought this would be such a nice addition to my writing collection. And, let me tell you, it’s not as easy as I thought it would be (and that wasn’t that easy to begin with). I love the gift still and I’ll just have to practice getting it right the old-fashioned way.

Snow FallingSnow Falling • Jane the Virgin is one of my favorite shows and my cousins know that because we talk about the episodes after they air. This was a last minute gift as they were walking through the store and saw it and knew I’d love it. I didn’t even know they made this a real book and I’m excited to read it in the new year.

Honey of a Skirt • I love this style of skirt. I have so many of them and I’m always willing to get more. I especially love this shade of purple and the casual style that makes it versatile. In the new year, you can bet I’ll be pairing it with everything.


Hoping you had a
very warm and happy holiday season
and a bright New Year!

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