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Happy Fifth Birthday, Theta O!


Yesterday, my sorority chapter turned five years old! I drove down to the brunch for the first time since graduating to celebrate with sisters and friends. Five years might not seem like long, but this chapter has grown so much in such a short time and I’m proud to have been around since (almost) the beginning. These girls have meant so much to me throughout my time in college and after graduating, they mean even more.

I joined Alpha Delta Pi when I was a freshman. I never planned on joining a sorority in college, in fact, it was never on my radar. But a friend who lived across from me in the dorm convinced me to. I went into recruitment, honestly, not knowing what to expect. It was equal parts overwhelming, chaotic, and fun. Once I had my bid, I still had no idea what to expect. My only reference for sororities was how they were portrayed in movies and television shows. What happened the next four years my sorority experience was sometimes like the media and, other times, completely not.

My pledge class (the group of girls I joined the sorority with) was the first through formal recruitment. All the girls who were older and in the sorority before me were founding members, meaning they were chosen by the sorority’s executive office.

That first year was rocky as we all tried navigating having new members, long chapters, philanthropy events, socials, and mixers. While some things were hard, that didn’t stop having fun and making memories. That first year, I found some of my best friends, participated in one of my favorite philanthropy events of college, and had the time of my life. Every year after that, we grew. Not just in size but in personality and strength. We became a strong chapter with a presence on campus.

Some of my best memories of my life are with these girls. Living in the sorority house across the hall from my best friends and laughing about how I could never wash all the mask off my face. Stuffing our faces with grilled cheese every Thursday. Getting a new addition to my family each year (I’m a GGG-Big now). Watching Jane the Virgin, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, The Bachelor, and Are You The One in the apartment I shared with all sisters. Them coming to visit me in Pittsburgh over the summer. The apple picking, the parties, the vacations, the study sessions, the dinners, and everything in between. These girls have been the cornerstone and backbone of my college experience. As we say, “pi really does mean forever.”


Happy birthday, Theta O!

If you’re interested, check out my awesome chapter on their Instagram, Tumblr, and website.

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