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Shop Small Business Saturday With Local Stores I’m Obsessed With

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Small boutiques are my favorite places to shop. I love the unique clothes different stores have and that you can’t buy them at bigger, National chain stores. Clothing from small boutiques feels like wearing something special. Not only are their pieces cute, but they won’t be worn by everyone. So when someone asks when you got a dress or a skirt or a pair of shoes, you tell them and it’s like sharing a little secret. I’ve always been drawn to these kinds of stores so when I’m traveling, I often like finding one to take a couple pieces back with me. It’s like taking a little bit of the city with me back home. These boutiques are also often locally owned, shopping in them helps the owners and their business and helps to keep money following in the community rather than to some faceless CEO across the country. Keeping the local community thriving by shopping small is the whole reason behind Small Business Saturday. And to honor that (and some of my favorite places to shop), here are four boutiques I’ve found and love. And you can buy from every single one of them (even if you aren’t local!).

CFW2017-MarisDeHart8_Image1_1024x1024Maris Dehart
Charleston, South Carolina

While I was in Charleston this summer, I stumbled upon this boutique while walking around the French Quater. As soon as I walked inside I was pretty much in love. Their clothes are a mix of modern contemporary with a little bit of rustic flare. The interior store is so absolutely beautiful, you might think you walked into a gallery at first. Maris Deheart routinely supports local and emerging designers, both clothing and jewelry. They also have a beautiful home section that includes barware and kitchen items. Located at, 32 Vendue Range, you can shop Maris Deheart in-store, or online. And don’t forget to check out their Instagram!

The Yellow ButtonYellowButton-5409_LOW
Harrisonburg, Virginia

Now, you’re probably thinking ‘I’ve never even heard of this city’ and, honestly, I don’t blame you. But hear me out! Harrisonburg is where I went to college and it’s as beautiful as it is small. Tucked away in the valley of the Shenandoah mountains, this once tiny farm town is now a semi-bustling college town, home of James Madison University. I spent four years in this little town where almost every store is locally owned, including The Yellow Button. Now even though they’re small and in a small town, you can still shop some big name products but you get the boutique feel with some smaller brands too. They have a wonderful collection of clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes which you can check out the brands they have online, shop via their Instagram by ordering by phone, and, of course, in their brick and mortar store located at 122 South Main Street, Suite 102.

No Rest for Bridget
Boston, Massachusetts

This is the largest store on the list but still counts in my opinion because they have so few locations. I first found NRFB when I was visiting colleges in Boston my senior year of high school and I’ve loved the store ever since. That day, I wanted to buy practically everything in the store but settled for just a couple pieces. Their clothes are the perfect fashionable contemporary basics and super affordable! When I was in Boston recently, this is where I bought my new favorite sweater featured in my A Dot of Casual look. Besides their Boston location located at 220 Newbury Street, they have locations throughout Southern California including, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, and San Diego. They also have a home goods store, OTP, and an outlet, LFT, both located in Costa Mesa. You can check out their Instagram and their shop their online store.

No. 14 Boutique
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This is my personal favorite, maybe because it’s in my hometown and I’m there like every week, and definitely because it has the cutest clothes. Every time I go inside No. 14, I find something I love. Their clothes are contemporary and fashionable, and a mix of colorful staples and simple basics. When my friends were here over the summer, I had to bring them to this store. They’re always adding new arrivals, often pieces you can’t find many places as well as jewelry and paper goods. Not to mention, the inside is just so stunning. You can bet come Small Business Saturday, this is where I’ll be. Their website is cute and minimal and gives a list of all the brands they sell and their Instagram is so pleasing to look at. Located at 4601 Butler Street, you can always shop in store, but if you’re not in Pittsburgh, you can still shop by following their Snapchat (no_14lville), where they post daily their new arrivals and items on the store floor.

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