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When I was in New York City this summer, we wandered into a Paper Source and I had found my happy place. I’ve been obsessed with notebooks and pretty little office things for, like, forever and now I had just stumbled on the motherload of stores that sold all my favorite things. I bought a couple items in New York, some notebooks and such, but I wanted to go back and buy everything. Problem? There’s no Paper Source in my city. But that didn’t stop me, immediately, I was on my phone on the website looking up the nearest location. And I found that it’s only two hours away. In another state, but only two hours away. So my mom and I made a plan to day trip to Ohio one Saturday in the fall and visit Cleveland’s local Paper Source. And this is what I bought.

Back in college, I lived through my planner. I had my every move in my planner. Every test, quiz, project, meeting, sorority event, extracurricular, family visit written down and color coded. Now without all those meetings, events, tests, and projects, I thought I didn’t need a planner. But, thankfully, I was wrong. With writing, both my books and my blog, picking up, planners are a must to keep everything straight.


I think I might have looked through every single planner until I settled on these two. What drew me to them, firstly, at least, was that they were both cute. But getting past the initial first impression, I liked the monthly view so I can see everything at a glance and then I liked that the weekly view had large empty spaces—not a list of lines—for me to plan out blog posts in detail and which chapter of which book I would be working on.


This year, I attended my first conference with published authors leading talks and editors there to give tips on moving forward with your work. With similar events in the future (especially since I’m planning to travel across the country for one) I need something to carry my work around in a way that it won’t get bent or stained. But, of course, I don’t want to give up looks, so these cute document folios are the perfect solution.


When I saw this little desk calendar, I was instantly drawn to it. I mean, it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with marble. I mean, half my office—my desk, my shelves, my side table, my desk accessories—is all marble. So this seemed like the perfect addition, especially since it’s not white or gold, it’ll add a little pop of color to the room. And sure I’ll have to wait a couple more months to use it, but I think it’ll be worth it.


This was a last-minute buy. I had everything in my cart when I saw these on a stand and just kept glancing over at them. I wasn’t going to buy these pens at first but then my mom and I decided that we could share them for our planners and for her bullet journaling. I’ve already used them to plan the mouth of October and I love how smooth they write and how vivid the colors are on the page. Definitely worth the last-minute decision.


I saw these and thought they were just too cute to sit on the shelf. I’m going to be doing some traveling in the coming months and that’s exactly how I justified buying these. They’re my favorite color scheme—gold with pretty much anything is my favorite color scheme—but they’re also functional. And I didn’t waste any time putting it to use.


I would say this was a pretty successful trip and I’m already looking forward to buying a 2019 planner and bunch of little extras to go with it.


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