Fifty Ways to Fall in Fun


Fall is probably my favorite season. I love fall styles like cozy sweaters and boots, I make a mean pumpkin cake with homemade whipped cream icing (just wait ’til you get that recipe), and I can drink apple spice tea all day every day. Plus my birthday is in October! There’s so much to love about fall and so much to do. So here are fifty traditional and different activities that’ll make this the most fun season yet.

  1. Apple picking
  2. Bonfire
  3. Outdoor movie night
  4. Try a new pumpkin recipe
  5. Fall hike or walk
  6. Friendsgiving
  7. Haunted hayride
  8. Farmers market
  9. Pumpkin patch
  10. Corn maze
  11. Halloween and scary movie marathon
  12. Pumpkin carving
  13. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  14. Make your own cider
  15. Stargazing
  16. Backyard football tournament
  17. Bike ride
  18. Go to a football game
  19. Make your own Halloween costume
  20. Rake leaves and then jump in them
  21. Try a new apple pie crust
  22. Visit a state fair
  23. Roadtrip to see the changing leaves
  24. Go to a fall festival
  25. Homecoming!
  26. Try a new Starbucks fall drink
  27. Shop for fall accessories
  28. Oyster roast or clambake
  29. Try making a new cocktail
  30. Learn to crochet or knit and make a scarf or blanket
  31. Picnic
  32. Rent a cabin
  33. Watch the sunrise
  34. Go horseback riding
  35. Stuff a scarecrow
  36. Run a 5K
  37. Start a journal with a fall color theme
  38. Try a new fall scent
  39. Make up a new ghost story
  40. Attempt some Halloween crafts from Pinterest
  41. Create a new Thanksgiving dish
  42. Buy one fall splurge item
  43. Host an apple cider contest
  44. Visit a friend
  45. Read a new book
  46. Start a thankfulness journal
  47. Try a new outdoor activity
  48. Watch classic horror movie (I suggest Rosemary’s Baby)
  49. Start a new tradition
  50. Take lots of pictures

What are you looking forward to doing this fall?


  1. Dani

    September 25, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    These are great ideas! Especially journaling, and going on a haunted hay ride!

  2. Chapter Fifteen Travels: Rhode Island

    October 23, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    […] out going apple picking. Mostly because I had seen a sign on the way up and because it’s a fun fall activity. We turned on the GPS and headed towards the orchard. We spent the majority of the afternoon […]

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