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The Last Sorority Formal

Last night, I experienced one of my “last” memories of college: spring formal. My sorority calls it Black Diamond Ball and it was in a renovated barn with a Great Gatsby theme. Formal has always been one of my favorite events and has given me of my best memories of college. And this year was no different.

For this formal, my roommates and I decided to have people over to hang out before formal. Our friends came to our apartment, we laughed, had some drinks, took pictures and watched a little March Madness. Then we made our way to the venue. It was about a thirty-minute bus ride, on which we laughed some more, talked, and watched Man on Fire on the hanging bus screens.

The first thing we all did upon arrival, was run to the food. One of the biggest parts of formal is getting to the mozzarella sticks and chips and dip as soon as possible. I guess it’s kind of a tradition. From then on, the rest of the night was dedicated to taking pictures,  hopping in the photo booth, and dancing. When it was time to leave, we didn’t want the night to end. So my friends and I went out for late night pizza, came back to the apartment and watched a movie.

This formal, like all the others, gave me an amazing memory. With just 40 days left until graduation (Oh my gosh!), I’m hoarding all the memories I can. And if the last 4 years have been any indication, the next 40 days are going to be amazing.


For a detailed look at what I wore to formal, check out this post.

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