Cheers to 100!

In 100 days, I will walk across the stage, receive my diploma, and graduate from college. I’ve had a countdown on my phone since the start of senior year and would routinely tell my friends at random intervals, “213 days until graduation.” or “Don’t worry, there are only 170 days until graduation!”Every time I was met with groans and “I don’t want to talk about it”s  and “I can’t believe it!”s.

As much as I have been looking forward to this day for the last four years, it’s still crazy to think that it’s going to be over so soon. School is all I’ve known these past sixteen years of my life. I’ve woken up, gone to class, done work, took tests, wrote essays, finished projects, given presentations, went to bed, and did it all over again almost every day of my life. 100 more days of that may seem like a lot, but I know it’s going to fly by.

There’s a lot I’m looking forward towards in my last 100 days of school. And it’s not just graduation and never having to wake up for an 8 AM or work on a group project ever again. As much as I can be excited about my time in college coming to an end, here are a few of my “lasts” that I’m looking forward to and some I can’t believe I’ll never do again:

  • Last Valentine’s day eating cookies and watching Magic Mike
  • Last St. Pattrick’s day with fuzzy green mustaches
  • Last date functions with silly themes
  • Last picture in front of the American flag
  • Last spring philanthropy event
  • Last Greek Sing and Greek Week
  • Last formal
  • Last time laughing on our couch at something ridiculous
  • Last time waking up in my apartment
  • Last time baking with my roommates just because we want something sweet
  • Last time sitting on the quad
  • Last classes
  • Last final exams/final project
  • Last last day of school. Ever.

All of our lives are about to change. We’re all going in different directions, following different paths and pursuing different directions. We won’t see each other as often; I won’t be waking up next to some of my closest friends or a ten car ride away from others. We might end up in different states, maybe even different countries. But what we still have are our memories, all the laughs, the pictures, and the next 100 days.

Cheers to 100!


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